UN To Hold Urgent Meeting on Quran-Burning Demonstration in Sweden

UN To Hold Urgent Meeting on Quran-Burning Demonstration in Sweden

Sweden has been marred in controversy following a court’s decision to allow the burning of a copy of the Quran at a demonstration outside a mosque last week.

The UN Human Rights Council has announced an urgent meeting on the heinous bruning of a copy of the Quran outside a mosque in Sweden.

The meeting comes at the request of Pakistan, Al Jazeera reported on Tuesday.

“The UN Human Rights Council will hold an urgent debate to ‘discuss the alarming rise in premeditated and public acts of religious hatred, as manifested by the current desecration of the holy Quran in some European and other countries,’” council spokesman Pascal Sim told reporters.

The spokesperson stressed that the date and time of the urgent meeting will be determined by the bureau of the Human Rights Council that is meeting today.

Set to take place later this week, the urgent meeting will discuss the alarming increase of religious hatred in the Nordic country, which allowed the burning of a copy of the Quran during a demonstration last week amid Eid Al Adha celebrations across the Muslim world.

Many countries expressed concerns about the alarming increase in Islamophobia in the country following the provocative move of a Swedish court to allow the Islam-bashing demonstration.

In response to the situation, Morocco was the first country to recall its ambassador to Stockholm, reiterating its steadfast position against the series of heinous Islamophobic acts that have long targeted Muslims in the Nordic country and throughout the West at large.

“Regardless of the political positions or differences that may exist between countries, the Kingdom considers it unacceptable that the faith of Muslims should be disrespected in this way, nor can the principles of tolerance and the values of universalism be reduced to accommodating the views of a few while showing so little regard for the beliefs of more than a billion Muslims,” the Moroccan Ministry of Foreign Affairs Ministry said in a statement.

Many other countries promptly joined in condemning Sweden’s acts, describing the burning of the Quran as hurtful against Muslims.

“So I will let the government of Sweden and local law enforcement speak specifically or more about this particular incident but broadly, we continue to encourage Hungary and Türkiye to ratify the accession protocol of Sweden without delay, so that we can welcome Sweden into the alliance as soon as possible,”  State Department Deputy spokesman Vedant Patel also said last week.

Far-right extremists have been involved in several hostile moves targeting Mslims. Under the leadership of the Danish-Swedish far-right politician Ramsus Paldan, many extremists burned copies of the Quran during demonstrations protected by Swedish authorities.

Source: Morocco World News


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