Local 294 UPS Teamsters Hold ‘Pre-Strike’ Demonstration

Local 294 UPS Teamsters Hold ‘Pre-Strike’ Demonstration

The Local 294 UPS Teamsters marched in protest before work this morning as they fight for a new contract.

The contract with UPS is up on July 31, and if the two sides cannot come to an agreement, a real strike is set to occur August 1.

Negations for this contract are currently ongoing in Washington, D.C. A final offer is expected to be submitted by July 5.

Local Shop Steward John Sawyer said he and his co-workers don’t want to strike, and the company doesn’t want them to strike, but they will do what’s necessary to get a “fair contract” by the end of the month.

“During the pandemic, we were essential heroes,” Sawyer said. “After the pandemic, we come into negotiations and we’re disposable zeroes. We’re not going to give anything back to the company as far as wages, as far as health and benefits. We’re here to fight for what we deserve.”

Sawyer also said around 60% of the UPS Teamsters out of 340,000 are part-time working for minimum wages, while UPS makes billions of dollars each year.

Source: Wk Tv


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