Just stop oil protests outside Shell Waterloo HQ

Just stop oil protests outside Shell Waterloo HQ

Just Stop Oil protesters have gathered outside Shell’s London headquarters today as they take part in a fourth consecutive day of climate demonstrations in the capital.

After blocking roads, attaching themselves to dinosaur skeletons and disrupting the World Snooker Championships, the environmentalists focused their attention one of the world’s second largest gas and oil companies.

Supporters of Just Stop Oil and fellow activists from Extinction Rebellion marched on the companies HQ in Waterloo from Westminster on Monday afternoon.

It came after more than 160 eco-zealots slowed traffic to a crawl across central London earlier in the day with a series of slow-walking protests on the capital’s roads.

And it comes a day after the London Marathon which had been considered a potential target for the environmentalists, but these failed to take place amid an apparent schism between the group and Extinction Rebellion.

Source: dailymail


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