Huge XL Bully demonstration in Birmingham calls for proposed ban to be scrapped

Huge XL Bully demonstration in Birmingham calls for proposed ban to be scrapped

Protestors were out in force in Birmingham to show their opposition to the proposed ban of the American XL Bully

A large demonstration took place in Birmingham city centre demanding a rethink on plans to ban the XL Bully. A number of recent attacks involving the dogs, including the tragic death of Ian Price in Stonnall last month, prompted Prime Minister Rishi Sunak to call them ‘dangerous’ and say they will be banned ‘by the end of the year’.

But the announcement prompted a backlash from XL Bully owners in Birmingham with first a demonstration in Handsworth Park on Saturday, September 30, and then a second demonstration in Birmingham city centre on Sunday, October 1, marching along Corporation Street to the landmark Rotunda.

More than 100 people took part in the march shouting ‘save our breed’ calling for dogs to be licensed and also ‘Rishi out’. Banners said: ‘Blood on Rishi’s hands’, ‘Licence all breeds, don’t ban’, and ‘Don’t bully my bully’. Those involved in the march said those in the demo ‘smashed it’ and promised another demonstration in Wolverhampton this Saturday, October 7.

A member of the public watching the march told BirninghamLive: “None of it makes sense. Nobody had a bully dog with them.

“The most shocking thing was girls under the age of ten took part of this march. We all saw what happened to the chap in Stonnall. What chance would any kid have?

“These dogs are so dangerous if they turun on you. Having seen an attack on the boy in Walsall on the BirminghamLive website, two women were trying to get the dog off the boy. They didn’t want to hurt the dog too much. But it was shocking.”

“I understand the point of those demonstrating. Humans breed dogs, train them and if things go wrong they kill them. As a layman, I would think certain types of breeds, perhaps if they are more than two stone, the owner should muzzle them when they are out.

“And the authorities should licence people to have them. That would help.” BirminghamLive has reached out to those involved in the march to ask for their comment but one declined to comment and the other had yet to come back.

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