South Africa: far-left leader calls for genocide of White citizens again

South Africa: far-left leader calls for genocide of White citizens again

South African MP and leader of the extreme-left Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF), Julius Malema, stood before a huge crowd at a rally on Saturday, directly calling for the murder of the Boers, White descendants of Dutch settlers.

The Economic Freedom Fighters rose to prominence in South African politics following the end of the Apartheid regime. Malema started out as a youth leader in the African National Congress (ANC), which was once led by Nelson Mandela.

Malema has publicly called for violence against White South Africans on multiple occasions, singing the genocidal anti-apartheid struggle song ‘Kill the Boer, the farmer’.

John Steenhuisen, the leader of South Africa’s biggest opposition party, the Democratic Alliance (DA), expressed criticism for Malema, stating: “This is a man who is determined to ignite… civil war.”

Steenhuisen also described Malema as a “bloodthirsty tyrant” who was making calls for “mass murder.”

While the EFF is a relatively new party, it appears to be rising in popularity. The Agence France Presse reported that “the militant EFF, which advocates for reforms to increase land ownership among Black South Africans, is polling at around 13%.”

Malema has faced several court hearings since the EFF’s inception, in which civil rights groups have filed complaints about the songs Dubul’ibhunu (Shoot the Boer) and Biza a ma’fire brigade (Call the Fire Brigade). However, ‘Shoot the Boer’ was deemed not to constitute hate speech.

Following backlash on previous occasions for singing “Kill the Boer,” Malema said his political party is not “anti-White” but rather wants “equality for South Africa’s.

Black South African-born Elon Musk commented on a clip on X (formerly Twitter) of Malema singing, stating that he is “pushing for genocide”, and asking South African PresidentCyril Ramaphosa why he has not spoken about the matter.

Source: TVP World


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