Furious motorsport protesters risk being run over

Furious motorsport protesters risk being run over

Climate change activists have left drivers and motorsports fans confused as they interrupted a Formula-E electric car race in Berlin to stage a protest.

Drivers were readying themselves in their grid spots for the second race of the weekend when the activists climbed over fences and attempted to glue themselves to the track. 

The protestors were promptly removed from the track by security, delaying the start of the race by six minutes.

German climate change activists ‘Last Generation’ claimed responsibility for the protest, which had outlined plans for disrupting other events in Germany.

‘We are at the @eFORMELde racetrack to sound the alarm,’ the group wrote on Twitter.

The protest was reminiscent of the six Just Stop Oil protestors who threw themselves on the track at the British Grand Prix last year – only this was an all-electric car race.

‘I think we are all fighting for the same, right?’ he told The Race.

‘I’m not sure what they are trying to do because we are probably the worst category in motorsport for them to come and do this at.

‘We are by far the most ecological, sustainable and new zero series that ever existed. We are pushing boundaries in every direction.’

Former race winner Robin Frijns was also confused by what he saw.

‘I just cannot really get my head around those people, what they are thinking really,’ two-time race winner Robin Frijns told The Race.

‘We are here, Formula E is standing for helping the environment and then they do this. I don’t really understand.’

Race fans had a field day on Twitter roasting the activists.

‘If you want to make your protest a joke, you do something like this,’ wrote one user.

‘Doing this at a formula e race is f***ing hilarious,’ replied another.

‘Do they know what the E stands for?’ said a third.

The demonstration comes just days  after an activist from Just Stop Oil forced a World Championship snooker match to be cancelled after leaping on a table and throwing orange powder all over it.

Source: dailymail


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