Denmark Pledges Action Against Quran-Burning Demonstrations

Denmark Pledges Action Against Quran-Burning Demonstrations

The Danish foreign minister said the burning of the Quran is offensive and a reckless act.

Following Islamophobic acts targeting Islam and Muslims, the Danish government has pledged measures to ban Quran-burning demonstrations.

Denmark’s Foreign Affairs minister Lars Lokee Rasmussen announced the news, describing the burning of the Quran as “deeply offensive and reckless.”

“The burnings are deeply offensive and reckless acts committed by a few individuals. These few individuals do not represent the values Danish society is built on,” Rasmussen said on Sunday.

He also announced that the Danish government is working toward a legal framework regulating how to intervene in situations where “other countries, cultures and religions are being insulted, and where this could have significant negative consequences for Denmark, not least with regard to security.”

Far-right extremists in Denmark and Sweden have in recent weeks sparked uproar and frustration among Muslim communities, who condemned the repeated burnings of copies of the Quran during anti-Islam and xenophobic protests in Copenhagen and Stockholm.

The latest Quran-burning protests triggered protests and condemnatory statements from different countries, including Morocco.

Last week, the UN General Assembly adopted a resolution presented by Morocco against the burning of the Quran and hate speech targeting religious symbols.

The text of the resolution strongly condemned acts of violence perpetrated against individuals based on their religion or beliefs.

Denmark pledges came after a viral video sparked uproar online as it appeared to document Danish police’s complicity in a Quran-burning demonstration.

The video documents the moment when police officers used extreme violence and force to protect a copy of the Quran during an Islamophobia demonstration. 

As the police violently intervened, they took the Quran away from a woman who opposed its burning and gave it back to a few far-right protesters who were seeking to set fire to it.

The protesters then set the copy of the Quran alight in front of the Iraqi embassy in Copenhagen.

Similar incidents triggered many responses from several countries, including Iraq which expelled Sweden’s ambassador and threatened to cut ties with the country if such incidents continue to happen.

In June, Morocco also recalled its ambassador from Stockholm, denouncing the surging tendency in the country to disregard and hurt the feelings of billions of Muslims across the world.

Source: Morocco World News


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